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All over the world thousands of people, many of whom face danger, hostility, and harsh working conditions, are part of a growing grassroots movement that is trying to turn the tide for the natural world. From park rangers who put their lives at risk in protecting wildlife--some of them getting killed in action--to people fighting to improve the lives of vulnerable people, we highlight their passion, the challenges they face and their achievements. 

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Trapped in the Amazon!

Emeterio Nunnonca and Renata Leite Pitman treating an ocelot

Renata Leite Pitman - Brazil
“Ten years ago, moved by curiosity, I planned a three-month expedition to the south east of Peru to learn more about an elusive species, and maybe trap and radio collar it. Ten years latter, I feel it was the animal that trapped me!,”

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The man who saves turtles

Having just caught his first Flatback turtle during a ‘turtle rodeo’ trip in Australia, Nick celebrates in turtle style.

Dr Nicolas Pilcher - Malaysia
Nick saves sea turtles. In a nutshell that’s what he does. But he has to look far beyond their nesting grounds to make it work.

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Rumbles in the jungle

GPS radio collaring of a rhino

Naresh Subedi, Nepal
Office? The jungle. Colleagues? Elephants, rhinos and tigers. Naresh Subedi has many stories to tell. Stories that are not only fascinating and impressive but that can also make your hair stand on end.

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A blessing in disguise

Tahir Qureshi

Tahir Qureshi – Pakistan
“In 1984, when I was a Divisional Forest Officer, I was kidnapped in the thick forest of Dadu, in southern Pakistan.”

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Be a hero on holiday

My hotel in action

Find out how the hotel you're staying at can help protect biodiversity.

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Help save our species!

SOS - Save Our Species - join now!

Save Our Species is a global coalition to build the biggest species conservation fund, supporting on-the-ground conservation projects all over the world. We need to act now to stop the biodiversity crisis!

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Nature: to die for?

Gorilla guard in Volcano National Park, Rwanda How can we protect the people who put their lives on the line to save nature? This is the subject of the first of our new World Conservation Debates and we’d like to hear your views.
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More than 1,000 rangers are estimated to have lost their lives in the line of duty in the last 15 years.
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Rhinos in crisis

Black rhino (Diceros bicornis) Africa’s rhinos face worst poaching upsurge in decades.
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