Erosion in Mamberamo, Papua

June 2009. Forests are precious assets. They are home to much of the world’s biodiversity, store vast amounts of carbon, support the livelihoods of the world’s poorest people, provide fuel and building materials, protect our watersheds and offer a shield against extreme weather.

But our natural forests are being rapidly degraded. Agricultural expansion, infrastructure development, logging, climate change, fire and alien invasive species are all taking their toll. However, if we go a little deeper we often find that behind these immediate causes lie inadequate government policies that promote market failure and corruption and fail to tackle poverty. Read more

Products from the garden - Dabra village

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Forest and stream

The value of groundwater in European Forests

The report – the Study on the Economic value of groundwater and biodiversity in European forests – explores the current state of payments for ecosystems (PES) in EU member states in relation to forests and groundwater.  

28 Apr 2009 | News story
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Deforestation in Western Ghana in the region of the Upper Guinean Rainforest

Seeing REDD, and believing

Major reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions are necessary if we are to avoid disastrous climate change. An emerging approach—Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) can help achieve this goal and is gaining increasing attention in the international community. …  

14 Apr 2009 | News story

Tacaná River Basin

Tacaná River Basin

 Tacaná is a water catchment in the highlands of the San Marcos department, in Guatemala, Central America, where marginalized populations are highly dependent on farming on steep hillsides. …  

08 Apr 2009 | Photos

Women discussion group in Tenedba-Eastern Sudan

The challenges of partnerships – insights from The Forests Dialogue

Jamie Gordon of IUCN talks with Gary Dunning of The Forests Dialogue about the challenges of forest partnerships. 

14 Apr 2009 | News story

Goodman's Mouse Lemur

Lemurs and giant tortoises in Zurich, Switzerland

Every five minutes a piece of rainforest, the size of the Masoala Rainforest in the Zurich zoo, is destroyed in Madagascar. Poaching, illegal wood trade and slash burning have put an end to over 90 percent of the rainforests in one of the poorest countries in the world. …  

08 Apr 2009 | Video

The reflection of the rainforest in the black waters of the Amazon, Brazil

Earth Day: eat at New York restaurant “il Buco” and protect the Amazon Rainforest

To honour Earth Day (April 22), New York restaurant “il Buco” will reduce customers total lunch bill by 15%. In turn, il Buco will donate, out of its pocket, the 15% saved by its guests. All proceeds will go to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network, to protect the Amazon Rainforest. …  

17 Apr 2009 | News story

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