Union Pulse - Message from the Membership Unit: Regional Conservation Fora

The Regional Conservation Fora, taking place between May-October 2011, will provide Members, Commissions and Secretariat with an opportunity to meet and prepare for the next World Conservation Congress (Jeju, Republic of Korea, 6-15 September 2012).

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Members will receive more detailed information from the IUCN Regional Offices in due course (if this is not already the case). The following table provides the latest scheduling and some links to additional information on the IUCN website:

Regional Conservation Forum Date 2011 Location
West Asia 2-5 May Kuwait City, Kuwait
South America 13-15 June Lima, Peru
Central and Western Africa 5-8 July Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Oceania 23-25 August Brisbane, Australia
PAN Europe 6-9 September Bonn, Germany
Canada 19-20 September Ottawa, Canada
Eastern and Southern Africa 20-22 September Johannesburg, South Africa
USA 21 September Washington DC, USA
Asia 27-30 September Seoul, Korea
North Africa 5-7 October Rabat, Morocco
Mesoamerica and the Caribbean 6-7 October Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (TBC.)

The agendas of the Regional Fora will include consultation on the IUCN Programme 2013-2016 and on the changes proposed to the governance of the Union from the IUCN Council, as well as training sessions on all aspects of the Congress (motions process, accreditation, voting, etc.) to ensure Members are well prepared to exercise their rights and to get the most out of the experience.

Key to the success of the World Conservation Congress, the Regional Fora are a major concern for the Membership Unit and Membership Focal Points worldwide. Together with the other departments of the Constituency Support Group (Governance Unit and Congress Unit), we are very much looking forward to working with you all. Support materials and presentations will be available on the Members’ Portal from June 2011 onwards, in line with the further development of the portal.

Should you have any queries, please contact your relevant Membership Focal Point.

Reminder: Resolutions and Recommendations System
The IUCN Secretariat has developed an online tool to facilitate reporting by IUCN Members and the Secretariat on activities contributing to the implementation of Resolutions and Recommendations adopted at the 2008 World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. Let us take this opportunity to remind you that it is essential that all Members record their activities and achievements in response to the Resolutions and Recommendations ahead of the Jeju Congress so that a comprehensive report on the achievements of the Union as a whole can be produced. Should you require any assistance, please consult the Membership Focal Point in your Region or the Membership Unit.

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