Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel


Marine News 13New Resource Guide Maps out more Effective Planning Strategies for Seismic Survey Techniques and Environmental Imaging: IUCN Marine News 2016

IUCN (2016)

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Marine News Issue 12

Whale protection during offshore oil and gas mapping in Sakhalin: IUCN Marine News 2015

IUCN (2015)

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IUCN Marine News 2014Keeping Whales Safe in Sound: IUCN Marine News 2014

IUCN (2014) 

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Marine News 10.2013

Piloting responsible marine seismic surveys in Sakhalin in: IUCN Marine News 2013

IUCN (2013)

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Marine News 9. 2012

Western gray whales still under close watch in: IUCN Marine News 2012

IUCN (2012) 

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UN Global Compact International Yearbook 2013Implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan on Sakhalin Island in: UN Global Compact International Yearbook 2013

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd / macondo Media Group / United Nations Publications (2013)

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