Diversity Key to Good Governance: National Governance Assessment Workshop convened in Lima, Peru

As part of the ongoing IUCN Green List activities in Peru and in coordination with the Global Support Initiative for ICCAs, a national system level governance assessment workshop kicked off in Lima, on the 15th of June 2018 for three days. 

The workshop brought together not only representatives from the National Service of Protected Areas (SERNANP), the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) but also over 40 key and diverse people from the protected and conserved area landscape: indigenous communities, expert conservationists, protected areas managers, experts from the forestry and tourism sectors, land use planners, Peruvian EAGL members, NGOs and other civil society organisations. 

The wide diversity of participants ensured a thoughtful debate around the current recognition of the four IUCN/CBD governance types in Peru and also the current quality of the existing governance arrangements.   

The noted conservationist from Madre de Dios, Victor Zambrano shared the experience of his private protected area, the K'erenda Homet Private Conservation Concession but also his work on environmental justice and the necessity of recognising the rights and practices of indigenous and local communities in conservation.

The indigenous leader Fermín Chimatani, president of the National Association of Contractual Executors for the Management of Communal Reserves of the Amazon of Peru (ANECAP), also spoke about the community reserves and their importance for not only providing ecosystem services for local communities but also supporting the continued cultural practices of those people.

The theme of governance of protected and conserved areas is gaining momentum in Peru as both SERNANP and SERFOR understand that a comprehensive and equitable approach to conserving the hundreds and thousands of hectares of natural areas is not possible without involving stakeholders from across the broader landscape, and ensuring the full and meaningful participation of indigenous groups and the wider public.

This major goal aligns with the IUCN Green List standard which is to focus on conservation that supports natural values and cultural values and also practices good governance. Further governance activities are scheduled to be held in October 2018, including an indigenous led governance assessment workshop to build on the work conducted in Lima. 

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