Environmental Law

Learning Resources

BRIDGE promotes dialogue and cooperation between Riparian States in order to strengthen good water governance. Some of the resources available in this section constitute the conceptual basis of our work on the ground (publications, glossaries, regional situation analysis, etc.), some others show evidence of successful experiences (case studies, photos, etc.).

Best practices and sound solutions stand on a shared and solid knowledge as well as on joint and participative efforts. In this section we provide a collection of resources useful for generating knowledge and moving people to action. Electronic versions of the publications can be downloaded for free.


The publications available in this section embrace multiple issues related to shared water governance and appropriate protection, management and utilization of transboundary water resources.


The toolkits are the results of many years of learning and experience in the area of water resources management and present useful approaches, lessons learned and best practices.


This section contains concise summaries of the aspects relevant to the implementation of BRIDGE and other important issues relevant to the project.


Comprehensive materials from workshops taken place in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Case Studies

This section contains practical examples from the BRIDGE basins.

Legal & Policy Paper

This sections contains scientific papers relevant to water governance.

Treaties & Conventions

This sections contains treaties and conventions relevant in the field of Transboundary Water Governance.


Agreeing on key-terms and concepts sets the basis for a common understanding of the main issues and principles governing the water sector.

Useful Links

In this section, you will find useful links to to partners and friends of BRIDGE, as well as for interesting information.

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