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WCEL Environmental Law Video Library

This library provides insights from internationally recognized experts discussing critical topics of interest to the global environmental law community.
WCEL Video Library

The WCEL Environmental Law Video Library features lectures that build the knowledge base and legal capacity of the  Commission, its partners, and the broader public on environmental law and policy. To launch the first series of fifteen videos, a lecture will be uploaded approximately every two weeks.

These lecturers are a wonderful array of widely recognized members of WCEL and the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment (GJIE), including judges, law professors, scientists, legal professionals, early career leaders, public prosecutors, and representatives of international organizations. The lectures in the first series are primarily in English, with some in French and Spanish.

Environmental law topics selected by the lecturers are diverse, ranging from cutting-edge environmental law principles to water law. In future phases of the WCEL Environmental Law Video Library, if funding is available, WCEL will explore other possibilities for collecting and sharing the very large universe of talent, experience, and expertise in the WCEL and GJIE network through this innovative approach.

As with all WCEL initiatives, many thanks go to the major partners involved in this innovative project, including UN Environment, the Organization of American States, and the Catholic University of Brasília.

First Lecture Series

WCEL Video Library Photo: Nicholas Bryner

Professor Michel Prieur (Professor, University of Limoges; President, International Center of Comparative Environmental Law – CIDCE)
Lecture: "Reviewing progress and effectiveness of international and national environmental law" / "Survol des progrès et de l'effectivité du droit international et national de l'environnement"

Video Lecture

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