Commission on Ecosystem Management

CEM's Specialist Groups

Our specialist groups focus on specific ecosystem types and unites commission members with expertise on these specific ecosystems.

Women in Malawi standing in field Photo: IUCN

Terminal Moraines Glacier, Ellesmere Island, High Arctic, Canada Terminal Moraines Glacier, Ellesmere Island, High Arctic, Canada Photo: IUCN Photo Library / © Michelle Laurie

Coastal and Marine
A rocky beach, clear blue water, several small houses on stilts in the background, and short island forest beyond Reef-to-ridge recognises the connectivity of marine and terrestrial ecosystems Photo: © MFF Cambodia

Deep Sea Mining
Very little is known about deep sea habitats, except that they are extremely vulnerable. Photo: Alberto Lindner - NOAA fisheries.

Desert and Oasis
Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa Photo: Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa

A woman and child in a dryland ecosystem Photo: iStock 904833344

Le Pont, L'Abbaye, Switzerland Photo: Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

Holarctic Steppes
Grassland in the Eastern Mongolian Steppe Photo: Wildlife Conservation Society

Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California, Mexico © IUCN Elena Osipova Photo: IUCN / Elena Osipova

mediterranean octopus Photo: pierre-yves cousteau

Kaçkar Mountains, Turkey Photo: Yildirim Gungor

peatlands.png Photo:

urban river and recreation Photo: Dagmar Haase

Marsh Wetlands Photo: WCEL



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