IUCN welcomes Georgia as a new State Member

The Government of Georgia has officially announced its decision to adhere to IUCN Statutes. The Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources has been designated by the Government of Georgia as its liaison with the IUCN Secretariat.

Coat of arms, Georgia

IUCN extends its warmest welcome to Georgia, a mountainous country located in the central part of the Caucasus, bordering Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia by land, and the Black Sea to the west. The Caucasus is one of the Global Biodiversity Hotspots enjoying a high level of species richness and endemism and extremely diverse and unique ecosystems. About 40 percent of the Georgia’s land is covered with old growth forest and approximately five percent of the territory is under state protection, with the government’s goal to increase protected areas coverage to up to 20 percent.

In addition to the State member, Georgia is home to three IUCN NGO members. The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus has operated in Tbilisi, Georgia, since 2006 and actively supports governments and civil society in the region in various nature conservation fields, such as protected areas, species monitoring and conservation, environmental education, public-private partnerships and international cooperation.

Contact person: Annika Åkerfelt, Membership Relations Officer, IUCN Regional Office for Europe, Tel: +32 2 739-1001, Email: annika.akerfelt@iucn.orgwww.iucneurope.org

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Southern Caucasus
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