Commission on Ecosystem Management

Business and Ecosystem Management

Why engage the private sector in a special Thematic Group? Because, nature is everybody’s business.
Exploring enabling conditions for business to adopt natural capital tools

Thematic Group Lead: 
Willem Ferwerda Twitter: @willemferwerda   Linkedin
Simon Moolenaar   Linkedin 

Clara Ramschie   Linkedin 

SC Focal Point: Angela Andrade

In line   with   IUCN’s   work   plan 2017-2020 and, especially the IUCN Business   and Biodiversity   program   the   focus   of   the   IUCN   CEM   Thematic   Group   Business   and   Ecosystem Management (TG  B&EM)  embraces  the  transformation  of  the  way  business  values,  manages and invests in nature, highlighting the opportunities and benefits of a more sustainable approach. This Thematic Group will focus on the question how to create long-term business commitment on the ground for ecosystem management.

Building on our experiences with business and the 4 returns framework we have learned that creating a clear language and a framework that is understood by business is the key to successful implementation on the ground.

Please read the concept of activity plan From profit maximisation to multiple returns’ that is now under consideration with the members of the TG B&EM.

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