Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service (SWOS) is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. To assist wetland practitioners (managers, policy-makers, scientists) with wetland monitoring and with reporting obligations for environmental policies at different scales.


Wetlands are hot spots for biodiversity, but they are also one of the fastest declining ecosystem types worldwide. Information on the geographical location of wetlands, their ecological character and their services is often sparse and difficult to find or access. The result is a disproportional coverage of wetlands in policies and management practices.

In this respect, SWOS aims to provide mapping products and indicators on wetland ecosystems in order to assist with reporting and monitoring obligations from environmental policies at different scales (local to global). Overall, SWOS will contribute to an improved integration of wetlands across different sectoral policies. Ultimately, SWOS will allow for the informed creation of conservation and restoration measures which maintain biodiversity and essential ecosystem services.

SWOS will:

  • Deliver mapping products and indicators derived from Earth Observation data
  • Promote and improve the integration of wetlands across sectoral policies
  • Contribute to the development of a Global Wetland Observation System which will support monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals for both water and biodiversity
  • Inform the development of wetland conservation and restoration measures with a focus on maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services


SWOS will ensure that the EU takes a leading role in supporting wetland management by contributing to policies through sustainable decision-making. Because users are involved throughout its development, the service will be widely used and accepted, hamonised with related activities and will have a long-term impact on wetland management.

More information on the website of SWOS

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