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The World Heritage Programme mobilises action across IUCN’s wide network of members and experts to promote natural World Heritage

IUCN’s World Heritage Programme has a dual approach to conserving the natural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: in an official advisory role to the World Heritage Committee; and in implementing a wider project to achieve a Brighter Outlook for World Heritage and to amplify the potential of the World Heritage Convention as a unique intergovernmental conservation mechanism.

IUCN also implements various initiatives to enhance the role of the Convention in protecting the planet’s biodiversity and promote effective use of its mechanisms to strengthen the conservation and management of natural World Heritage sites.


<thumbnail>Advisory role

IUCN evaluates all natural sites aspiring to achieve World Heritage status
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IUCN monitors the state of conservation of natural World Heritage sites
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The World Heritage Panel supports IUCN's advisory role
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Swiss Alps-Jungfrau AletschIUCN World Heritage Outlook

The first global assessment of natural World Heritage
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