Two New Ways to Follow IUCN’s REDD+ Work

IUCN has a new monthly “REDD+ Roundup” e-newsletter and Twitter feed (@IUCN_redd) to share knowledge and lessons from its ongoing REDD+ initiatives at the global, regional and national level.


IUCN’s new monthly e-newsletter, the “IUCN REDD+ Roundup”, shares links to the latest information on the organization’s new and ongoing REDD+ initiatives. From global dialogue series on REDD+ benefit sharing, to new capacity building tools on climate change and REDD+ developed for local communities, the REDD+ Roundup keeps IUCN’s network of stakeholders, as well as the broader REDD+ community, up-to-date on news and knowledge that can contribute to the advancement of REDD+, especially at national and local levels. The inaugural issue, released in July 2013, brings readers country-level updates from IUCN’s “Pro-Poor REDD+” project in Ghana and Uganda, as well as news on the continuation of IUCN’s dialogue series with The Forests Dialogue, based at Yale University in the USA.

IUCN’s new Twitter feed (@IUCN_redd) posts weekly updates and links to the organization’s latest REDD+ news, as well as highlights other relevant REDD+ news from fellow partners and projects contributing to the advancement of REDD+.

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