Denmark at the steering wheel of Europe: NGOs act

The Director of Birdlife Denmark, Jan Ejlsted tells us about their activities in relation to the Danish Presidency to the EU (January-June 2012).

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Birdlife and WWF Denmark have hired a fulltime lobbyist to target Danish and European politicians and officials during such an important semester for the country. “We have decided to strengthen our capacity to better link efforts at national and European level. The new person will improve coordination between Birdlife and WWF Denmark and its European representatives, Birdlife International and WWF Europe,” says Ejlsted.

“Some very important decisions on nature and environmental policies will be taken during Denmark's EU Presidency and we want to influence that process. We are glad that the government is showing great openness and listens to our viewpoints”.

“Our message is all about “making the EU greener”. We want to make room for nature in the EU budget, we want to influence negotiations on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and issues regarding marine areas. And of course the LIFE Programme which is approaching its final stage will require attention”.

“At the end of the Presidency we will try to measure the effectiveness of our efforts in different ways: how is our visibility in Danish and European media, are we invited to speak at conferences and meetings, do we meet key officials? This will help us evaluate our influence on the results of the Danish Presidency”.

For Birdlife Denmark these public affairs effort are also an opportunity to foster network activities with other environmental organizations in Denmark and Europe.

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