New Toolkit to Help Turtles

Te mana o te moana, a non-profit organization in French Polynesia and a new member of IUCN, has been promoting their Honu Toolkit to the people of French Polynesia since its launch on World Oceans Day, in June of this year.

Students of Sainte-Therese School receiving games of the Honu Toolkit at the launch on World Oceans Day 2009

In their increasing efforts to protect the marine environment, Te mana o te moana is raising sea turtle conservation through their Honu toolkit and is reaching out to children to help them understand sea turtles - their environment, the danger they face and what people can do to help save these ancient creatures of the sea.

The toolkit, which will be distributed to all primary schools in French Polynesia, contains more than 30 educational tools, which range from books, educational games to posters and DVDs. Also included is a comprehensive teacher’s guide designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools to study sea turtles with their students.

Further plans to translate the toolkit into the English language for wider distribution in the South Pacific is envisaged for the year 2010.

The development of the Honu toolkit was made possible through the support of the Foundation Nature & Decouvertes, the French Global Environment Fund (FFEM), the Ministry of the Environment of French Polynesia, the Moorea Dolphin Center, the Inter-continental Hotels Group and the company Tikiphone.

Click here more information on the Honu Toolkit.

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