Species Survival Commission

Oil Palm Task Force

Palm oil plantation

IUCN SSC Oil Palm Task Force Chair: Erik Meijaard

The Oil Palm Task Force (OPTF) aims to inform the debate on the sustainability of palm oil, using the latest research and scientific information, and give guidance to, for example, IUCN about its policies and strategies that affect or are affected by palm oil. We aim to make use of IUCN’s extensive knowledge networks on biodiversity and environmental issues, social, economic and cultural issues, and policy to comprehensively guide thinking on the complex issues of agro-industrial and small-holder oil palm in the world’s tropical regions. The OPTF will act as an authoritative advisory body on oil palm and how this relates to global sustainability objectives, and an intermediary between the oil palm industry, the IUCN network, and the other stakeholders in the oil palm discussions.

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