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Guide to strengthening governance arrangements for mainstreaming and scaling up Ecosystem-based Adaptation
CLIMA self-evaluation online tool

CLIMA serves as an analytical framework on policy, legal and institutional arrangements related to Ecosystem-based Adaptation. It aims to mainstreaming and scaling up EbA at national level, through identifying governance gaps and challenges, making recommendations and supporting the development and implementation of a roadmap to address those challenges.

Two versions of this tool have been developed:

1.The abbreviated version, which is presented as an indicative list of 16 questions to guide policy makers, EbA practitioners or academics in the overall governance analysis related to EbA.

2.The extended version, which comprises more than 100 guiding questions, is aimed at professional and multidisciplinary teams who want to carry out an in-depth assessment of governance arrangements for climate change adaptation, bearing special attention to the integration of the ecosystem approach.


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