West Asia

Renewable Energy for Life, Introducing Renewable Energy to Combat Poverty and Improve Livelihoods and Environmental Conservation in Palestinian Rural Areas


Description and relevancy of work: This project  is a two-year project funded by OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) working Palestine, aiming at alleviating economic pressure imposed on Palestinians by the lack or absence of electric power, improving their livelihoods and reducing environmental degradation. By providing various renewable energy alternatives such as solar photovoltaic panels to communities in the West Bank and solar cookers, photovoltaic panels and biogas generators to the poorest inhabitants in the target communities in Gaza, people will generally improve their economic well-being and have free time for other activities, particularly women who spend much of their time on manual laundry, manufacturing dairy products, cooking and collecting fuel wood. The project also assumes that these technologies will provide some, if not all, the energy requirements of these communities, reducing their dependence on wood, hence decreasing environmental degradation and enhancing environmental conservation at large. At larger scale such demonstration project will be promoted as climate change mitigation measures for lowering GHG emissions.

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