Primary and intact forest landscapes

Avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions through preventing deforestation, conserving forest carbon stocks and the sustainable management of all types of forests – including primary forests and intact forest landscapes – using a landscape and rights-based approach.
yellow background with sun faded mountains, black silhouette of trees in foreground

Slowing the global deforestation rate is focused on the sustainable management and protection of all types of forests within a broader land use context, conserving benefits from forests, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, and enhancing forests' ability to act as 'carbon sinks'. IUCN accelerates this action by putting priority attention on areas of high biodiversity value and of cultural significance, such as primary forests and heritage sites. IUCN is working with stakeholders all over the world to enhance outreach on the importance of primary forest and on advancing rights-based approaches to sustainable forest management and REDD+.

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