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Conservation Finance

Information and useful resources on conservation finance - an emerging investment sector


Credit Suise Conservation Finance From Niche to MainstreamConservation finance : from niche to mainstream

This report aims to identify financial product structures that have the potential to establish conservation finance in mainstream investment markets. This report focuses on investment mechanisms that activate one or more cash flows generated by the sustainable management of an ecosystem. It is primarily targeted at investors interested in learning more about investments that provide a market-rate return and a positive conservation impact. Click here to download.


The Green Bond Principles

Green bonds are an important financial instrument increasingly used to catalyse the transition to a low carbon economy by financing green property, renewable energy, new and efficient factories, and clean cars. The Green Bond Principles are a set of voluntary guidelines, which drafted by several large financial institutions and environmental groups to provide assurance to investors about the quality of the green projects being funded. In early 2015, the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands received observer status to this independent body, which will allow it to provide further input and oversight as the Principles develop. To find out more visit the International Capital Market Association website.

The Green Finance Academy

Banks and companies are increasingly showing their interest in financing green development projects. To tap into this new source of investment, the Green Finance Academy was launched to train project managers to design their green project based on business model thinking. The Green Finance Academy is an initiative of IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands, Alterra Wageningen UR and Nyenrode Business University. Read more here.


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