IUCN SEE and Slovenia underline cooperation

IUCN SEE office hosted by the Goričko Nature Park at the Grad castle meets relevant authorities in the field of nature conservation of Slovenia

The Grad castle, Goričko Nature Park, Slovenia

The Grad castle was the main venue of several meetings of great importance for strengthening the cooperation between the IUCN Programme Office for South Eastern Europe (IUCN SEE) and Republic of Slovenia authorities. SEE office held its regular meeting this year in the Grad castle, accepting the hospitality of the Goričko Nature Park management team, an active partner within the Green Belt initiative. The joint commitment to future cooperation was symbolically marked by positioning the Green Belt plate at the castle entrance.

Based on the wide experience, Marija Zupančič Vičar, IUCN Regional Councilor for East Europe, North and Central Asia shared her thoughts and gave the valuable input to the next four years programme of IUCN SEE office that is currently under elaboration.

The dense two days programme included meetings with representatives of national authorities, Katarina Groznik Zeiler from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning of Slovenia, Darij Krajčič and Andrea Škvarč from the Institute of Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation. Main topics of joint interest were IUCN’s scope of work in the region and the World Conservation Congress, with the special focus on the Sailing from the Balkans to Barcelona initiative. Bilateral meeting was held focusing on the Institute of Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation’s further involvement in the Protection of Biodiversity of the Sava River Basin Floodplains project.

Supported by the IUCN Regional Councilor, both IUCN SEE and Republic of Slovenia authorities expressed their willingness to strengthen the future cooperation and join efforts towards the nature conservation and sustainable development in the region. 

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