Contest - Design a new logo for IUCN CEC

You are invited to design a logo expressing a love for nature, postive change and people-to-people networking. This is an exciting opportunity to brand our IUCN Commission for the future.

We enable the global community to effectively communicate and use knowledge to create positive conservation change.

CEC Chair Juliane Zeidler invites you to design a winning logo to be used globally the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. CEC is a global network of more than 1,100 members who actively volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals. In this case, we are calling for graphic design expertise and anticipating great results from our volunteers.

Logo requirements

The logo should embody the following themes:

  • Love for nature
  • Positive change (uplifting)
  • People-to-people (network, community)

Conceptually, the logo should represent the vision and mission of our Commission:

  • Vision: A global community that loves and values nature
  • Mission: We enable the global community to effectively communicate and use knowledge to create positive conservation change.

The logo should represent our work in strategic communication, learning, capacity building and knowledge management. Consider also the many cultures represented in our network, and the people-to-people nature of communication.

Who can apply

Any individual or any team, company, organization or institution with a fantastic concept can enter this competition. You do not need to be a member of IUCN CEC.

IUCN Commission logos

IUCN’s six Commissions are an integral component of the Union, as core constituents and as a crucial driving force towards implementation of the IUCN Programme. Each Commission has its own identity and history. In branding terms, the Commission identity is a ‘daughter’ of the IUCN identity. Thus, all external communications from IUCN Commissions must follow IUCN logo rules and the IUCN visual identity rules. An IUCN Commission logo must always appear with the IUCN logo to clearly show this strong relationship. A Commission logo cannot be used on its own. This applies to all printed, digital and web materials. To view current Commission logos, as well as IUCN logo rules for Commissions, please click here >>

Of course, any images that are subject to copyright or that might offend cannot be used. Entries should not be in any way similar to existing logos or other copyrighted images. All usage rights will remain with the contest holder, IUCN CEC.

Do you really want to enter the competition but need some guidance on how to design a logo or which computer software to use? Please follow this link to a useful logo tutorial website.

How to enter

Logo entries must be submitted by 20 October 2013. You may submit up to three entries.

  1. The entries should be submitted as a scalable vector graphic in EPS format or as a high resolution JPEG at least 1000 pixels/side. In addition, provide a low resolution version in PDF or JPEG for reference. Our email has limits on attachment size, so kindly compress images, send individually or use free services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  2. Send your entry to with the email subject reading "Logo Competition IUCN CEC”
  3. Include your name(s), email contact details, countrie(s) and age(s) in the email. Your personal details will be kept confidential.
  4. Include a short description about your logo concept, including how your idea was born and what it represents. While the logo needs to be self-explanatory, the description may be included for showcasing it in CEC articles.


The winner of the competition will be featured when launching the CEC News Blog early in 2014 and winner’s profile and work will be promoted via social media including Facebook, Twitter and the IUCN CEC website. The winner will be contacted via email by 30 November 2013.


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