SOS Big Swim Video

The Big Swim is over. A great day for the swimmers and for dugongs. Here is our film of the Big Swim day, featuring dugongs, swimmers and a special thanks to all who made it happen!

We raised over $21,000 to help protect the dugongs of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique. Our swim may be over but the work to protect these gentle giants is just beginning.



Soon SOS Grantee and IUCN member EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) will be reporting on the impact of the extra funds raised by the Big Swim to their conservation work on the ground and in the air around Bazaruto. We will keep you posted through web news stories and our newsletter A Call from the Wild

The Big Swim was an opportunity to answer nature's emergency call in a fun and exciting way. SOS tackles big conservation issues by funding work on the ground at grassroots level.

If you want to support SOS and have an idea for a fundraising activity to help SOS, please get in touch at 

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We will do our best to answer that call!



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