Strengthening Law Enforcement for Biodiversity: Local Watch-dog Capacity Improved

A training workshop on Forest Protection and Development Law implementation was held from 27 to 28 February in Lam Dong Province for local judges, prosecutors, environmental inspectors, forest rangers, and environmental policemen.

Participants to the Forest Protection and Development Law training workshop

The training course, implemented under the Dong Nai River basin Conservation Landscape Project, a component of the ARBCP programme, aimed to build awareness of the judiciary about the legal provisions of the Law and the capacity to facilitate compliance with environmental regulations that uphold of biodiversity conservation.

The course also provided trainees with general knowledge on biodiversity, Viet Nam Red Book, IUCN’s Red List, species identification, and multilateral environmental agreements. Information presented in this workshop will help participants better judge disputes relating to sustainable natural resources management.

Viet Nam is among the world’s top ten centers of biodiversity, yet the country’s rich biodiversity is threatened due to the effects of rapid economic growth. Immediate conservation action is needed. In response, the Government of Viet Nam has expressed strong commitment to conserve biodiversity by signing a number of international conventions and by developing environmentally friendly policy and legal systems. Law enforcement plays an important role in biodiversity conservation. It is therefore designed for the ARBCP programme to help strengthen the implementation of the Forest Protection and Development Law.

The training workshop was developed based on the results of a Training Needs Assessment conducted in Lam Dong Province in November 2007. All the 85 participants indicated that the training was extremely useful. IUCN has been requested to replicate the training at other ARBCP project sites.

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