Continuing support: IUCN’s work in the Gulf of Tonkin

Colourful and creative drawings produced by the children of Minh Chau Island Secondary School were displayed at an award ceremony on November 19, 2007 to celebrate student participation in the “I Love Marine Turtles” Campaign. This is part of the “Saving Marine Turtles and their Habitat” environmental education programme that promotes good practices of marine biodiversity preservation.

"What do you think if we and other sea animals die?  How will people living by the sea be affected?”
– Chau Thi Anh Thu’s award winning painting.

Prominent guests who attended the ceremony include Mr. Tran Tuan Hung, Director of Bai Tu Long National Park, Mr. Nguyen Van Sang, Minh Chau Commune Chairman, and Dr. Vu Van Trieu, IUCN Viet Nam Country Representative as well as community members and journalists.  First place prize was awarded to Chau Thi Anh Thu, grade 8, for her drawing that depicts global cooperation to protect marine turtles.

In 2008, IUCN will build on the successes of the Marine Turtle Conservation Project to champion sustainable development in the region by working in close partnership with Bai Tu Long National Park.  IUCN will apply an innovative conservation strategy that strengthens the institutional capacity of the National Park and facilitates the professional development of park staff.  This will empower staff to conserve valuable natural resources within and surrounding the park and to support the development of communities who rely on natural resources in the area.

Additionally, IUCN will collaborate with the National Park and the private sector to establish eco-tourism projects to generate sustainable revenue for the park’s conservation activities and to share the natural beauty of the park.

IUCN Viet Nam has been supporting marine ecosystem conservation activities in the Gulf of Tonkin since 2001.  This has been structured through an integrated coastal management (ICM) framework for Quang Ninh and Hai Phong.  In 2008 the ICM framework will focus on fisheries, marine protected areas, and tourism. 

IUCN’s activities in the Gulf of Tonkin are generously supported by the Royal Danish Embassy in Hanoi, Fish and Wildlife Services, the US State Department through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Framework Agreement with the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

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