IUCN Members’ Lounge: a room with a view!

Join us in Jeju in the Members’ Lounge for networking and informal discussions, access to information services or simply just the chance to sit down and contemplate the magnificent view across the North Pacific Ocean.

ICC Jeju - Location of the Members' Lounge

The Members’ Lounge is one of the most important areas for Members and Commission members at Congress. It is an area for networking, discussions and obtaining vital information, as well as for running informal Members meeting. Colleagues from the Secretariat and partners will also join us to work alongside Members and Commission members.

The Members’ Lounge will be coordinated by members of the Membership Support Team, comprising colleagues from all regions with experience of membership issues and a range of languages skills, who will do their best to assist Members and Commission members, as well as potential Members with queries. The Membership Support Team will rotate between the Members’ Lounge and Accreditation area at Congress.

The Members’ Lounge is situated in a prime location on the fifth floor of the International Convention Centre – Jeju (ICCJ): the Ocean View room, plus an adjoining area and terrace.

In order to take best advantage of the area, and to encourage networking and sharing across geographical and other cultural divides, the Congress Executive Committee agreed that the Members’ Lounge set-up will be developed in line with IUCN’s One Programme approach, aiming to foster exchange between Members and Commission members. Thus the lounge, located in Ocean View and the adjoining terrace, is not split into multiple sections by region, but rather provides rather generic areas for networking, discussions, information sharing and relaxing, capitalizing on the magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean.

At the centre of the Members’ Lounge is the Information Hub, where Members (and potential Members) and Commission members can seek information about the membership services IUCN provides, and information related to membership issues at Congress.

The Terrace is an extension of the Members’ Lounge and contains some tables and chairs. This is a non-smoking area.

The IUCN Bookstore will be located in the adjoining area to the Ocean View room.

Important: Minimizing paper consumption at Congress
In line with the guidelines for minimizing paper consumption at Congress, which indicate that “there will be no designated spaces to leave printed material to be picked up in ICC Jeju”, we will not offer spaces for leaving paper documentation. Members can use their exhibitions or their specific events to distribute any (limited) materials they bring. We plan to assist Members to load documents and information, in electronic format, onto the Members’ portal via computers in the Members’ Lounge. IUCN is determined to ‘walk the talk’ and we count on all Congress participants to support this message and practice.

Members' Lounge opening hours:
Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September 09:00 – 22:00
Sunday 9 to Wednesday 12 September 09:00 – 21:00
Thursday 13 September - closed (excursion day for delegates)
Friday 14 September 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday 15 September 09:00 – 15:00

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