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IUCN is a democratic membership union – find out about our members and how to join IUCN.

2016 IUCN CongressIUCN Congress

Where Members set the direction for the post-2015 sustainability agenda.

Inger AndersenDirector General

Read about the activities of Inger Andersen: speeches, statements and social media updates.


States and government agencies are Members of IUCN.


NGOs are part of the IUCN network.

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Experts in six Commissions  assess the state of the world’s natural resources.


IUCN has Members in more than 160 countries. Visit our regional pages.

Un blog de la UICN que estamos lanzando para conmemorar el 70.o aniversario de la Unión.
Un blog de l’UICN que nous lançons à l’occasion du 70ème anniversaire de notre Union.


Last updated - Wed, 21 Mar 2018
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