International Convention on the Conservation of Psittacidae

IUCN Member, the Loro Parque Foundation, will organise the 1st International Convention on the Conservation of Psittacidae - Science, Policy and Practice, from the 20 to 22 September 2010, and the 7th International Parrot Convention, from the 22 to 25 September 2010.


Since 1994, the Loro Parque Foundation has been taking action with great success for the good of parrots and their habitats worldwide. These two conferences will further promote a coordinated effort to ensure the conservation of parrots.
These events will constitute a unique opportunity to bring together researchers, experts (especially those working in the field) and governmental authorities with responsibility for the conservation of parrots. The numerous presentations and planned discussion time will enable the sharing of up-to-date developments in the field of parrot conservation work.

Additional resources, including information on how to register for the event, are available on the Loro Parque Foundation website.

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