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West Asia Arabian Plant

Barleria samhanensis

IUCN SSC West Asia Arabian Plant Specialist Group Chair: Thuraiya Said Khamis AL SARIRI

The West Asia Arabian Plant Specialist Group (WAAPSG) is the successor of the Arabian Plant Species Specialist Group (APSG) that was active since 1996. The WAAPSG covers West Asia, a region including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The main objective of WAAPSG is to agree on standards and protocols for individual countries to achieve targets for the conservation and preservation of their plant diversity and ensure regional consistency in its approach and sharing data for the benefit of all. The group wants, especially in countries with their habitats subjected to severe degradation, to complete a comprehensive list with the status for endemics, near endemics and rare species, as a starting point for conservation.

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