Viet Nam Business for Environment (VB4E)

IUCN, ISPONRE and TH Group signed an MOU

Location:  Viet Nam

Duration: 2019 - 2021

Project background: 

VB4E is Viet Nam’s national Business and Environment Alliance engaging businesses in protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity in Viet Nam. It is a membership alliance with a strong network of companies committed to act in favour of biodiversity, building healthy ecosystems for sustainable development in Viet Nam.

VB4E will focus on development of a project concept data bank, policy advocacy, and capacity building. VB4E’s flagship is the on-line concept data bank where NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders can cooperate on impactful conservation projects.

Collaborative projects can embrace the eight following thematic areas:

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Plastic waste management
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Marine and coastal conservation
  • Forest landscape restoration
  • Water and wetland conservation
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate change

By joining VB4E, member companies can improve their environmental performance through field projects, showcasing and replicating sustainable business practices, being part of policy advocacy and enhancing business reputation. VB4E is open to any company in any sector that commits to environmental protection to join without a membership fee.

Objectives of the project:

VB4E aims to match the business “supply” with the CSOs demand” in collaborative conservation projects across Viet Nam and to provide companies with the opportunity to network, exchange, build capacity to adopt sustainable business practices.

Primarily, the objective of the initiative is to enhance environmental conservation in the country via heightened business involvement in sustainability measures.


Various conservation projects jointly implemented between businesses and CSOs to protect the environment in Viet Nam.


TH Group


VB4E is an initiative of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) found in partnership with ISPONRE Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment) of MONRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and TH Group.


Partners of the Alliance are IUCN members including:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) – state member
  • VNU-Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (VNU-CRES)
  • The Institute of Ecological Economy (ECO-ECO)
  • Centre for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD)
  • Centre for Environment and Community Research (CECR)
  • GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center (GreenViet)
  • Live & Learn Viet Nam (L&L)
  • Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC)/Asia Turtles Programme (ATP)
  • Center for Supporting Green Development (Greenhub)


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