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Sonoran Desert Plant

"Teddy bear Cholla" Cylindropuntia bigelovii by Steve Jones

IUCN SSC Sonoran Desert Plant Specialist Group Chairs: Helen Rowe and Jose Alberto Búrquez Montijo
IUCN SSC Red List Authority Coordinator: Linda Howard

The mission of the IUCN SSC Sonoran Desert Plant Specialist Group is to assess the extinction risk of all Sonoran Desert plant species, educate the public about Sonoran Desert species and threats, and implement conservation plans supported by the Red Listing process.   

By the end of 2020, we strive to have made substantial progress in beginning the ambitious agenda of assessing all Sonoran Desert Species. At the same time, we expect to make substantive progress in surveying and removing high priority invasive species through greater coordination. Conservation planning will begin concurrently with the Red List assessments on high priority species chosen through the process of prioritizing Sonoran Desert Plants for assessment and by working with other specialist groups to create a comprehensive list of threatened species across taxa.

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