West Asia

Stakeholders Engagement and Natural Resources Assessment for AES in East Amman

Rania Al faouri

Stakeholders Engagement and Natural Resources Assessment for AES in East Amman is a three-year-project, on three phases, is funded by the AES Levant Holding BV Jordan and implemented by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) in East Amman in Jordan.

The project aims at engaging stakeholders in seeking solutions to local and environmental challenges affecting the east Amman area in two target areas; Al Manakher and Al Khashafyah. IUCN designed the first phase of the project to develop and implement a strategic environmental community action plan for sustainable investment in the area through community involvement and capacity building in the targeted areas in East Amman.

To overcome environmental pollution, strengthen biodiversity resilience, and empower local communities in the targeted area, a community environmental strategy and action plan for Al Manakher and Al Khashafyah was developed, providing the community with the platform to voice their local issues with decision-makers and influential actors in the area. The strategy assessed the natural, social and economic resources, and identified the attainable long-term solutions appropriate to the local context.  

During phase one, three top priorities among others were identified and designed to become pilot interventions; an environmental monitoring program, native seedling nursery, and veterinary clinic and agricultural extension center. The three projects were the cornerstone for change in the area and a model of multi-stakeholder partnership towards sustainable communities.

The second phase aims at improving adaptation to climate change, controlling environmental pollution and enhancing standards of living for affected communities by strengthening the sustainable management of natural resources. To achieve this, proposed activities were developed in a participatory manner through successive workshops and meeting with stakeholders and local community.

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