Biodiversity status and trends

Biodiversity loss is one of the world’s most pressing crises. Causes are complex, and solutions require involving multiple groups, from governments to civil society.

Yet without reliable, timely information on the status and trends of biodiversity there is little hope of stemming the extinction crisis. Therefore, consistent monitoring of the status of species and measuring the impacts of human activities are necessary to implement conservation actions. The Mediterranean Species Programme produces reliable information on the status of biodiversity in order to support the work of conservation agencies, scientists, land-use planners and policy-makers.

The Mediterranean Species Programme focus therefore on three lines of work:

  • The Mediterranean Red List of Species
  • Key Biodiversity Areas in the Mediterranean Region
  •  Impact of invasive species on the Mediterranean Region

Overview: the current status of species in the Mediterranean

With a compelling design, the following infographic pieces provide a glance about the situation of almost 6000 species that have been assessed in the region as per November 2018, detailing which species are threatened, where and why. The downloadable poster also introduces a promising first step to stop their decline. Mediterranean Species - Infographic Photo: Sandra Leal  

You can download the full detailed infographic here, which can be printed as an A3 poster.

For a shorter version, feel free to scroll down and find out some of the findings:

Mediterranean Species - infographic tasterPhoto: Sandra Leal

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