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The Snapper, Seabream, and Grunt Specialist Group (SSG SG) works to achieve global conservation and sustainable use of snappers, seabreams, grunts, and associated reef-fish species through the application of improved scientific knowledge and community engagement to management decision-making.

Underpinning these efforts are the following foundational attributes of the biology and management of SSG SG species: 

  • The fishes in this Specialist Group can inhabit nearly every hardbottom, softbottom, estuarine and marine habitat in tropical through temperate regions globally. 
  • Some of the most valuable fishes on the planet are in this SG. Many species are sold as “red snapper” and hundreds of other species, ubiquitous protein sources, occur across tropical through temperate coastal regions.  
  • Data is typically very limited; when available, fishery, ecological, and Red List assessements suggest that almost all species are subject to heavy fishing pressure, habitat loss, and climate change threats that are not decreasing.

More information on the work of the SSG SG is at:

Top image: Sailors Choice, Hamulon parra, Florida = smiles & ecosystem services. © W. Palm Bch. Fishing Club, 2012.

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