Celebrating the World Forest Day by tree planting and forest cleaning

Brahim Haddane, CEC Regional Vice Chair for the Mediterranean chaired the World Forest Day celebration organised by ASMAPEC with its partners on March 21.

Nature for All Banderole

As part of the enhancement of the Maamora forest as a natural heritage and a reservoir of biodiversity, the Moroccan Association for the Protection of the Environment and Climate / ASMAPEC, organized in partnership with the Council of the Prefecture of Salé, the Regional Directorate of Forestty, the Scientific Institute of Rabat and the National Forestry School of Sale, a study day under the theme of "Maamora Natural Heritage Forest in the service of sustainable development", with the participation of representatives of the Departments of environment, tourism, agriculture and elected representatives of rural communities, civil society and local actors directly concerned by the natural resources of the Mamoura forest.

During the morning session four papers were presented by experts, managers and researchers who reviewed the functions and the problems of the forest and challenges that hinder sustainable development in this fragile natural biotope. At the afternoon session of this day was characterized by the mobilization of elected officials, civil society, educators, students of primary and college-secondary education supervised by forest engineers and technicians for tree planting in the bare spaces of the forest and cleaning the forest solid waste abandoned by visitors and campers.

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