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IUCN-Rio Tinto Collaboration Agreement

Following a five-year agreement between 2010-2015, IUCN and Rio Tinto have agreed to continue working together for another three-year period (2016-2018) to address biodiversity and conservation issues relevant to both organisations and the mining sector.

By working together, IUCN and Rio Tinto aim to draw on each other's experience and expertise to develop programmes and actions that will resolve on the ground mining issues contributing to improved performance and biodiversity outcomes. Furthermore both organisations recognise that in order to identify new and sustainable solutions to today's environmental and conservation challenges, cross-sector engagement and collaboration are critical. 

Overall objectives

The overall objectives of the IUCN-Rio Tinto Collaboration Agreement (2016-2018) include:

  • Progressing the development of key biodiversity metrics and methodologies;
  • Collectively engaging in policy debates and other forums to raise the profile and consolidate the validity of these metrics and methodologies;
  • Jointly investigating challenges and solutions to improve biodiversity performance in the mining sector.

More specifically, the activities outlined under the agreement require: 

  • IUCN to support the delivery of the Mitigation Hierarchy within Rio Tinto at both a corporate and operational level.
  • Rio Tinto to support IUCN's goal to build enabling environments for good conservation outcomes in the extractives sector.
  • Both organisations to jointly assess and respond to emerging threats and opportunities as well as to consider developing further projects as a result of such analysis.

Funding & activities
Rio Tinto covers the cost of implementing all of the activities under the agreement, as well as the agreement’s overall coordination. IUCN administers the agreement and implements the day-to-day activities, in close collaboration with Rio Tinto.

The day-to-day coordination is the responsibility of two Relationship Managers, one based at each organization. 


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