Business and Biodiversity

World Conservation Congress September 2016

Planet at the Crossroads: IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawai’i September, 2016

Business in dialogue with up to 8,000 stakeholders

We all know that a collaborative approach is required to solve the complex environmental and conservation issues that we face today. At the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the global business community will join up to 8,000 top government officials, scientists and civil society leaders to help find the right path.

Understanding how business can value, manage and invest in nature

The IUCN Congress will be a global forum for business leaders to discuss innovative solutions to conservation and environmental issues. As well as protecting the natural resources on which their operations rely, changing business practices to minimise the impact on nature and ecosystems can help companies reduce operating costs and exposure to climate change risks, as well as open up new markets and positively influence brand awareness.

The IUCN Congress will provide an opportunity to discuss the issues pertinent to your business, learn what others are doing, and share and align best practices. At the public Forum from 1-5 September, around 100 sessions will actively debate issues that could affect many companies' future operations. See some of the sessions highlighted in the Business Journey that demonstrate the role of business in implementing conservation goals.    

The Business and Biodiversity Pavilion: a hub for business at Congress

Leaders from business, government and the conservation community will meet in the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion to showcase how they have transformed their business operations, exchange ideas and build alliances. From best practices in sustainable tourism and lessons learned from implementing a net positive impact strategy, to a special speed networking session with business and NGO participants and an interactive game on different natural capital approaches, the Pavilion will be the business hub during Congress. To access the draft programme for the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion, click here. To find out more about the Congress, click here.

IUCN’s partner, WBCSD, is sponsoring the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion and as the only international business organization within IUCN membership, will be a key participant at the Congress providing an instrumental platform for business to influence the decisions at the Congress. To find out more about WBCSD and their participation at the Congress click here.


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