World Heritage

IUCN policies on World Heritage

IUCN has developed positions and advice notes on issues related to natural World Heritage sites

IUCN works to provide guidance while outlining its position on key issues affecting natural World Heritage sites, such as extractives, logging and large infrastructures, and seeking sustainable solutions.

<thumbnail>Promise of Sydney

The flagship outcome document of IUCN's 2014 World Park Congress proposes six recommendations to guide the World Heritage Convention towards an enhanced role over the next decade.

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<thumbnail>IUCN Resolutions

Every four years, IUCN Members adopt resolutions and recommendations at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. In 2012, two key resolutions defined priorities for IUCN's work on World Heritage.

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<thumbnail>Environmental assessment

IUCN's advice note on environmental assessments aims to provide guidance on how to identify, evaluate, avoid and mitigate potential impacts of development proposals on World Heritage values, before decisions are taken.

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Oil and gas platform, Gulf of MexicoMining, oil and gas

IUCN’s position is that extractive activities are incompatible with World Heritage status. The advice note on mining, oil and gas provides guidance on IUCN's position.

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<thumbnail>Communities and rights

IUCN aims to strengthen the inclusion of community and rights concerns in its evaluation of World Heritage nominations, and promote good practice in relation to human rights and World Heritage conservation.

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Mount Sangingshan National Park, ChinaFuture challenges

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention in 2012, IUCN issued recommendations on the future challenges for natural World Heritage sites.

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