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Protecting the Planet newsletter

January 2019

Bold steps for Saudi Wildlife - Bottom-up engagement of fisher folks - Dynamic governance for conservation in Ethiopia - Innovative protected area financing and resourcing solutions webinar - 2018 a year in images - protected area data and information webinar - the IUCN Green List journey continues in Italy - France céréminie de la ligne verte 

 December 2018

Léonidas Nzigitimpa, a conservation hero from Burundi; Mindful engineering builds sustainable tourism value; Wrapping up an exciting year for PANORAMA; IUCN reviews nine new World Heritage nominations for 2019; Open source information system for the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific protected areas; China seeks protected areas quality and good performance; HOT OFF THE PRESS: 100th edition of the Mountains Protected Areas Update, News on African Protected Areas, WCPA North America News; GET INVOLVED: WCPA and CoalitionWILD Mentorship programme, 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas.

November 2018

Conserved Areas in the spotlight in Egypt; IUCN lists 15 new sites as world’s best protected areas; Meet the winners of the 2018 Pathfinder Award!; Ras Mohammed National Park; PANORAMA: Welcoming UNDP and promoting business engagement solutions; Fostering coordination and collaboration on protected areas; IUCN Issues Brief on natural World Heritage; Focus on indigenous and conserved community areas; Protected Planet Report 2018; PARKS 24.2; Guidelines on Privately Protected Areas; Tourism and Visitor Management in Protected Areas; News on African Protected Areas

October 2018

Celebrating Protected Area heroes in Latin America and the Caribbean; Dr Kathy MacKinnon wins top conservation prize; OASIIS – building social capital in protected areas; Communities spearheading marine conservation; Going for Green in Egypt; Conversation with an ASI Green List reviewer; Tuvalu moving towards achieving global biodiversity targets on protected areas; Governance quality and diversity for conserving the Peruvian Amazon; Marine Protected Areas: global standards for success; Call for Expressions of Interest to host the BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Eastern and Southern Africa; Celebrate the launch of the new #NatureForAll publication

September 2018

Hugh Synge, Biodiversity Tax Incentives For South Africa's Protected Area Network, The Cook Islands consolidates its protected area information, BIOPAMA’s second phase officially launched in Central Africa, 5 years Blue Solutions!, Seven protected areas in the Maghreb region commit to the IUCN Green List, Henry Cleere, a pillar of the World Heritage Convention, Habitat Stepping Stones. Mountain Protected Areas Update, Tools for measuring, modelling, and valuing ecosystem services

August 2018

Madison Pearl Edwards; Brazil's largest Privately Protected Area; Transboundary coordinated natural development and national park extension; Framework for adaptive management in Kenya inspired by the IUCN Green List; BIOPAMA: Decision-making support tools for the East African Community; World Heritage: New IUCN report on tools for assessing the benefits of key natural areas; Private Natural Heritage Reserves, a Brazilian success story; #NatureForAll: Sun Child Eco Club for the Preservation of Wildlife; Hot off the Press: PARKS Journal 24 Special Issue on OECMs June 2018; Ramsar report on indigenous peoples' participation in managing wetlands.

July 2018

World Ranger Day; Taghi Farvar - our collective memory; New nature-culture sites on the World Heritage List; Increased coastal resilience and social development in Guyana; PANORAMA is growing - organically!; The members of the California MPA EAGL announced; Important steps for enhanced protected area management effectiveness; IUCN's key takeaways from the World Heritage Committee Meeting; 'Other effective area-based conservation measures': updates; Youth for Wildlife Conservation; Contribute: Pathfinder Award, IUCN Green List Fair Financing Survey, Crowdfunding campaign to honor fallen rangers of Virunga.

June 2018

World Heritage Committe meeting, Pathfinder Award, the Journey of the Cook Islands Marae Moana, Success factors for conservation in the Rio Negro Basin, Protected Area solution case studies receive makeover, Testing phase of LIFE Green List for the Natura 2000 project, Caribbean Green List webinar, The Pacific convenes key regional protected areas event, BIOPAMA launched in Eastern Africa, Diversity is key to good governance, Buiblitz Canada 150 - Results of Canada's "Nature Selfie", Hot of the Press: IUCN World Heritage Outlook 2, Biophysical Desogn Principles for Offshore Networks of No-take Marine Protected Areas, Gouvernance et gestion des aires protégées.

May 2018

HEADLINE: IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020; INSPIRING PEOPLE: Mohammed Zaarour; INSPIRING PLACES: Wadi Al-Quff; INSPIRING SOLUTIONS: A model for stakeholder engagement in a national system of MPAs; PANORAMA: Inspiring stories from European protected areas; BIOPAMA: Management effectiveness: BIOPAMA and the IUCN Green List join forces in the Caribbean; BIOPAMA: Southern African protected area actors set BIOPAMA's priorities for the region; BIOPAMA: Global conference highlights the role of data management; WORLD HERITAGE: IUCN recommends listing two indigenous peoples’ territories; WORLD HERITAGE: Belize reef recovers while Lake Turkana faces dam threat; NATURE FOR ALL: Success Story: Forest Watcher, Google Earth Outreach; GOVERNANCE: Supporting and strengthening ICCAs in Tanzania; GREEN LIST: The Swiss EAGL has landed; GREEN LIST: Call for experts to join California's MPA Network EAGL; New publications and opportunities to get involved.

April 2018

INSPIRING PEOPLE: Philippe Bouché; INSPIRING PLACES: The wonders of Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon; INSPIRING SOLUTIONS: Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) for improved protected area management in Viet Nam; PANORAMA  Webinar: Solutions from natural World Heritage sites; Call for European solutions; IUCN Green List: ‘Wildlife Insights’ – real-time data for conservation decision-making; IUCN launches Green List for Natura 2000 stakeholder consultation; The IUCN Green List logo; Green List bulletin - April 2018; BIOPAMA: How data tells powerful stories; WORLD HERITAGE: Call for papers for nature-culture symposium; BIOPAMA: 15 Caribbean countries to benefit from partnership for people and biodiversity; #NatureForAll: Kishoka YOUTH Organization; CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT: E-learning course on integrated land use planning; Developing effective capacity for North African PAs; POLICY: Space for Nature Symposium: what's next?; Hot off the press; The World Parks Congress gets a new website; Fragments of Exctinction - A temple to experience the hidden breath of our protected planet; Events and Get involved.

March 2018

INSPIRING PEOPLE: Dr Nguyen Ba Thu; INSPIRING PLACES: Bosque Pehuén: private, voluntary protection in a Chilean forest; INSPIRING SOLUTIONS: Improving relationships between local communities and Saadani NP management; PANORAMA and WORLD HERITAGE: Webinar: Solutions from natural World Heritage sites; IUCN Green List: The IUCN Green List in the news; WORLD HERITAGE: IUCN welcomes World Rowing pledge to not damage World Heritage; BIOPAMA: 15 Caribbean countries to benefit from partnership for people and biodiversity; #NatureForAll: Success Story: WilderQuest; BLUE SOLUTIONS: Sharing and creating success stories: the Blue Solutions Fair in Thailand; LAND USE PLANNING: Zambia endorses its first ever climate change framework and action plan for a protected area; GOVERNANCE: We Rise Together: Report of the Indigenous Circle of Experts ; Hot off the press: China to host 11th World Wilderness; Congress in 2019; Brazil increases marine protection to over 25%; Protected areas: a hope in the midst of the sixth mass extinction; How forests help cities manage water; BIOPAMA has a new look; IUCN 2017 annual report: now available in French and Spanish; NAPA 117: News on African; Protected Areas; IUCN WCPA Mountain Protected Area Update; 46 new candidate Important Marine Mammal Areas; and more…; Events and Get involved: A new session of our MOOCs starts in April 2018;; Appel à candidatures pour devenir Membre du Groupe de la Liste Verte de l’UICN au Maghreb;PANORAMA: Call for solutions; The Ocean Risk Summit; Green List for Natura 2000 managers: only two more weeks to apply; and more…

February 2018

INSPIRING PLACES: Azerbaijan to create first MPA in the Caspian Sea; INSPIRING SOLUTIONS: Conflict resolution strategy for Kahuzi-Biega NP, DRC; Health and well-being; Securing Indo-Burma's wetlands and communities; PANORAMA: Exciting times ahead for Solutions for a Healthy Planet; BIOPAMA: IUCN-SPREP partnership for protected and conserved areas in the Pacific; IUCN Green List: Protected area governance, equity and the Green List in Kenya, February Bulletin; #NatureForAll: Success Story: Students On Ice Foundation; GOVERNANCE: Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs): achieving Target 11 in Canada through reconciliation; LATEST NEWS: CPAWS celebrates 'historic investment' in nature conservation in Federal Budget 2018; Promise of Sydney: Brazil on the verge of changing marine conservation history in the South Atlantic; Hot off the press: IUCN Annual report 2017; NAPA 116; Protected areas: challenges and responses for the coming decade; Degradation of nature is contributing to conflict – can we reverse the trend?; IUCN in the news: Denmark's protected areas; DOPA Explorer 2.0 – Better information promotes and protects global biodiversity; IUCN WCPA North America Newsletter, The Stivardr, and more... ; Events and Get involved: Symposium - Safeguarding space for nature and securing our future: developing a post-2020 strategy, and more.

January 2018

INSPIRING PEOPLE: Ivane Kupradze, a Georgian hero; INSPIRING PLACES: Sonoma County’s new approach to the State Parks System; INSPIRING SOLUTIONS: African Eurasian Flyway partnership for migratory birds; IUCN Green List: Georgia goes Green List, January Bulletin; WORLD HERITAGE: IUCN reviews eight World Heritage nominations for 2018; #NatureForAll: Comca’ac Indigenous Community and Climate Change; CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT: MOOCs and protected areas capacity building: where we stand; GOVERNANCE: Protected area governance in Georgia; Non-state protected area governance in Kenya; Hot off the press: NAPA 115; Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas in the north-western Mediterranean sub-region; New partnership to showcase Pacific Islands' achievements in protecting biodiversity ; Events and Get involved: Open Call for the testing and application of the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard in Natura 2000 sites; Symposium - Safeguarding space for nature and securing our future: developing a post-2020 strategy, and more...

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