More than 30 events at WCC will address issues of responsibility

Responsibility – in terms of environmental, social and governance issues – is usually associated with large, multinational corporations. However, the spotlight is increasingly turning onto the private sector more broadly, as well as more recently onto civil society organizations.


Stakeholders are becoming more demanding in terms of being able to demonstrate genuine engagement and integration of responsibility issues. Individuals too have a key role to play in minimizing their respective footprints and for delivering a more sustainable development. In short, it’s no longer just about what any organization or individual does but also how they do it. This poster highlights events on the Responsibility Journey to help you navigate through some of the current key issues:

- Private sector responsibility – how far have businesses really advanced and what can we learn from the private sector?

- Civil society responsibility – what should your organization be doing better and how?

- Individual responsibility – what can I do as an individual to be more responsible?

Find out more at the Green Congress booth in the centre of the entrance hall during the Congress.


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