Announcing the 1st World Forum on Ecosystem Governance

All life depends on the services provided by healthy ecosystems, including human wellbeing. Today these complex systems are threatened by unsustainable demands for resources, climate change, political con-flicts, and decades of inadequate and inappropriate management. Understanding the state of the world’s ecosystems, the threats they face, and their resilience is crucial if we are to develop holistic and inclusive and innovative policies, strategies and actions to remediate these threats.


Management of ecosystems is no longer the exclusive province of specialist ecologists for different ecosys-tems (e.g., foresters, limnologists, terrestrial), but dependent on skills/input from a wide variety of special-ists, including political and social scientists, economists, business owners, and environmental groups. As many of the world’s ecosystems are also shared across geo-political boundaries – within and between coun-tries – effective management can be even more complicated.

The 1st World Forum on Ecosystem Governance
will explore alternative approaches to govern the world’s ecosystems specifically in relation to:

➢ The effects that globalization has on management of ecosystems;
➢ Mitigation and/or adaptation to address the impacts of climate change;
➢ The role technologies could contribute to helping sustain ecosystem capacities; and
➢ Effective means to promote interdisciplinary stakeholder involvement in management of eco-systems.

The World Forum on Ecosystem Governance will comprise a High Level Policy-oriented Consultation, a Young Professionals’ Academy, and Technical Roundtable Discussions.

The forum is a partnership of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), the Chinese State Forestry Administration (SFA), and the Beijing Municipal Government. The 1st World Forum on Ecosystem Governance will serve as a pilot for an expanded Forum in 2017. More information on the The World Forum on Ecosystem Governance can be found here.

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