Solomon Islands: living with mangroves

The video is in Pidgin (with English subtitles) and highlights the importance of mangroves to the communities of Maramasike Passage in Solomon Islands. Coastal communities in rural Solomon Islands highly depend on mangroves for food, shelter and income. The video was produced as an awareness raising tool both for policy makers and the general public.

Solomon Islands - Living with mangroves

Maramasike is a project site for IUCN's Mangrove Ecosystems for Climate Change Adaptation & Livelihoods (MESCAL) project, which focuses on increasing and improving the conservation of mangrove ecosystems in Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu through targeted in-country activities. For Solomon Islands the main aim of the project is to develop a national mangrove policy and a mangrove management plan.

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Climate Change
North America
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