Supporting and strengthen management of World Heritage in the Arab States

Two Regional workshops organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN - ROWA) and co- funded with the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH) were launched in September 2013.

World Heritage: Tabe’a project

These regional workshops give attention to: World Heritage preliminary lists, global exceptional value, nomination files for World Heritage and the management effectiveness of World Heritage in the Arab States. Thirty experts and technicians from 13 Arab countries participated in the ten day event, five days for each workshop, which were considered as the launch of the Tabe’a program’s activities.

The first day of each workshop was characterized by highlighting the World Heritage agreement and focusing on the geographical characteristics of Arab region. On the second day, the participants presented various case studies that show their experience, opportunities and challenges regarding World Heritage management.

Each workshop focused on showing various practical implementation methods for these concepts and summarized the results of these procedures and recommendations in management and conservation for World Heritage areas in Arab states.

The aforementioned workshops are designed to unify and strengthen the national and regional efforts of the World Heritage programme in Arab states.

For more information about the World Heritage Programme and its achievements, kindly contact:
Dr. Hany El Shaer – Programme Manager of the Protected Areas, World Heritage & Business and Biodiversity Programme
Ms Haifa Abdulhalim – IUCN World Heritage Coordinator Arab States and West Asia

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