GEF-IUCN partnership


There is a trend towards greater cooperation among countries to protect shared natural resources as a basis for economic and social well-being. The health of ecosystems such as forests, rivers, wetlands and oceans, which often extend across borders, is critical to tackling global challenges including climate change, water scarcity and food security.

With this, governments are increasingly calling for support with their conservation and sustainability efforts, and in meeting their commitments to international agreements – support in the form of funding and expertise.

IUCN, through its status as a Project Agency for the Global Environment Facility (GEF), has been entrusted to mobilise significant sources of funding and to use its global network of members and experts to put this funding to greatest effect.

With a 60-year track record of guiding and implementing conservation action largely at a national level, GEF agency status is set to boost IUCN’s impact on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and sustainable development at regional and international scales.

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