Entreprises et biodiversité

La nature est l'affaire de tout le monde. L'UICN vise à transformer la façon dont les affaires valorisent, gèrent et investissent dans la nature, tout en mettant en avant les possibilités et bienfaits d'une approche durable. 


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  • Ejido Conquista Campesina, México

    Blog: Could Trump create water risks for businesses he wants to protect?


    By Peter Newborne and James Dalton. As we wait to see if President-elect Donald Trump upholds his campaign pledge to tear up the Paris climate change agreement, one of his close to home constituencies is already struggling on the frontline of the climate...

  • Nature-based solutions will be key to next industrial revolution

    Tomorrow's production systems will be closer to nature


    This blog by Gerard Bos was first published by the World Economic Forum on 3 January 2017. The global economy has been a steady engine of growth for nearly six decades, and during this time there have been a number of positive advances for humankind. But...

  • r-pal Teravagimov

    Andrea Athanas: On Inclusive Green Growth


    November 2016 - Andrea’s programme design and fundraising role with AWF (the SUSTAIN partner leading on implementation in the Ihemi-Kilombero cluster, Tanzania) helps bring the theory of inclusive green growth (IGG) into practical projects in the field....

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