Entreprises et biodiversité

La nature est l'affaire de tout le monde. L'UICN vise à transformer la façon dont les affaires valorisent, gèrent et investissent dans la nature, tout en mettant en avant les possibilités et bienfaits d'une approche durable. 


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  • Plastics on the shore of Naxos, Greece Plastics on the shore of Naxos, Greece Photo: IUCN\Lea Dubois

    New tool to help companies fight plastic pollution


    An online tool which helps companies measure their plastic footprint, developed by the social enterprise Searious Business and IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, was launched today at the Ocean Plastics Crisis Summit in London, UK.

  • Photo: IUCN

    Safeguarding the Mesopotamian Marshlands for local communities


    Following years of degradation, Iraq’s world-renowned Mesopotamian Marshlands in the south of the country are still an important feeding area for migratory birds and home to many threatened species. The region also contains some of the richest oil reserves.

  • Rotsee, Lucerne, Switzerland Photo: © Igor Meijer/FISA

    IUCN welcomes first-of-kind World Rowing pledge to avoid impacts on natural World Heritage


    The World Rowing Federation FISA today became the first sporting body to announce its commitment to ensuring that activities under its control will not damage natural World Heritage sites, which IUCN monitors as the official advisory body on nature to the...

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