Workshop in Hungary on 'learning to change for sustainability'

Katalin Czippán, CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe, reports on a workshop focused on higher education and strategic communication for sustainability.

CEC Chair Keith Wheeler and CEC Regional Vice-Chair Katalin Czippan Photo: CEC

More than 60 experts attended a workshop on higher education and strategic communication related to sustainable development and environmental conservation. The event, “Learning to Change for Sustainability”, took place in Hungary on 19 October 2011, following the IUCN CEC Steering Committee annual meeting. It was jointly organized by the following partners:

  • The Office of the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations;
  • The Education for Sustainability Roundtable of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hungarian Parliament;
  • Corvinus University; and
  • IUCN Commission on Education and Communication.

The primary aim of the event was to initiate and strengthen the dialogue between the Hungarian experts and the international members of IUCN CEC, and to direct attention to education for sustainability.

Participants at the event included members of the four groups that co-organized the event, along with representatives of nongovernmental organizations, schools and universities as well as members of the government's offices of education and national parks and forestries.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Benedek Jávor, the chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, and Mr. Sándor Fülöp, the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations.

The workshop was divided into three sessions:

  1. Competencies to Change for Sustainability
  2. Higher Education for Sustainability
  3. Strategic Communication (for Biodiversity in the International Year of Forests)

Presentations were delivered by Mr. Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, and Ms. Katalin Czippán, Deputy Head of the Strategy and Research Department at the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations. Katalin is also CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe.


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