Improved and Coherent Implementation of Biodiversity-related Conventions Based on Issue-Based Modules

The national implementation of biodiversity related agreements remains a huge challenge, mainly because of limited financial and human resources. Practical tools to facilitate the coherent implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) at national level are necessary.


TEMATEA was therefore developed by UNEP, with IUCN and UNEP-WCMC to provide countries with a logical issue-based framework to facilitate coherent implementation of conventions. So far five issue-based modules were developed, namely on Inland Waters, Invasive Alien Species, Sustainable Use, Climate Change and Protected Areas.
To increase the relevance of the modules to the South Caucasus, relevant obligations from regional agreements on these issues are currently being integrated into the existing modules. The integration of relevant obligations from regional agreements into the existing modules will facilitate the coherent, effective and cost-efficient implementation of relevant MEAs at national level (starting in Georgia) and harmonize the conservation of biodiversity throughout the Caucasus region.
Furthermore, a national capacity building workshop will be organized in Georgia to promote the use of the issue-based modules and support better and more coherent MEAs implementation. This workshop will bring together relevant government and non-government representatives to analyze, evaluate and upgrade the current implementation of MEAs with regard to Protected Areas using the Issue-Based Modules relevant to this topic.


  • Development of the regional adaptations for the Caucasus for the 5 modules;
  • Capacity building of experts and national governments;
  • Improved national communication and coordination across conventions and with other sectors;
  • Improved and more coherent implementation of biodiversity-related MEAs;
  • Project proposals for further MEA implementation.

Donor: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Partners: Ministries of the Environment of South Caucasus States
Project duration: 07/2007-07/2008
Contact person: Ms Ana Shubitidze

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