IUCN Members in Uganda muscle up for the World Conservation Congress

IUCN Members in Uganda convened a meeting last week at the Secretariat offices in Kampala to discuss and generate a roadmap for effective participation at both the Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) and the World Conservation Congress (WCC). The meeting was attended by representatives of the Member institutions and the secretariat.

Some of the IUCN Members during the IUCN Members’ meeting in Kampala, Uganda. Photo: IUCN Uganda

In his opening remarks, the Vice Chair  of the IUCN National Committee, Achilles Byaruhanga congratulated Members for their commitment to the conservation movement and the struggle to improve Environment and Natural Resources governance in Uganda. He emphasized the need for regular meetings for Members to discuss emerging issues and identify a common ground for addressing the challenges in the sector.

Members expressed the need to strengthen coordination of IUCN work (Members, Commissions and the Secretariat). Consequently, the Secretariat was requested to provide more support in terms of coordination and harmonization of all IUCN work in the country through effective communication.

During the meeting, a presentation was made on the preparatory process for the 2012 World Conservation Congress and the Regional Conservation Forum scheduled to take place from September 20 – 23, 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Members expressed the need to mobilize themselves and effectively contribute to both the regional forum and the congress. As a priority, Members agreed to formalize their national committee to allow Uganda have a better, organized and a stronger voice.

Secondly, Members agreed to conduct a self audit of their performance in implementing the post-Barcelona resolutions to inform their preparations and participation.

The Members have agreed to ensure that they contribute ideas for presentations during the various sessions, the IUCN pavilion and raising the profile of the forum among the various development partners.

As a follow up, Members will use their email group to review progress on actions and resolutions which will form the basis for other meetings to harmonize the common views and presentations prior to the forum. The Secretariat will be relied on for coordination of the Members.

For more information, please contact: Barbara Nakangu, Head of Office, IUCN Uganda on Barbara.nakangu@iucn.org

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