Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh wins conservation award

The national Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation was presented to the Wildlife Trust of  Bangladesh at a June 1st event organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.


Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam, Chief Executive, Wildlife Trust Bangladesh, receiving the award on behalf of the organization from the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

By Iqbal Hussain, CEC member

Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB) received the top honorary National Award “Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation” on June 1, 2011. This national award was created in 2010 to recognize and inspire people and organizations for wildlife conservation. Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam, Chief Executive, WTB, collected the award on behalf of WTB from the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the inauguration ceremony of National Tree Plantation Camp and Tree Fair arranged by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Why this award for WTB? WTB is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization that started its journey in 2003. The mission of WTB is to "Protect the National Heritage of Bangladesh", and WTB’s aims are to conserve the country’s biological diversity and put Bangladesh on the road to attaining sustainability. Moreover, it also aims to communicate the values of conservation and sustainable development practices. WTB has involved itself with a variety of activities including educational programs, research, training and public awareness programs for wildlife conservation focusing endangered and critically endangered species. Some key achievements of WTB include:

  • initiating the Bangladesh Tiger Action Plan (BTAP) with the Forest Department to conserve critically endangered tigers in the Sundarbans;
  • tiger and prey survey, research and monitoring;
  • tackling tiger-human conflict by assembling Tiger Response Teams (TRT) and providing training to the field staff of the Forest Department;
  • training on techniques and raising awareness to conserve elephants in Bangladesh; 
  • implementing education and research on endangered species such as the hoolock gibbon and Asiatic black bear;
  • establishment of the Noazesh Knowledge Centre, the first knowledge centre in Bangladesh for nature conservation study.

This award is the achievement of whole WTB team for their dedication and commitment for wildlife conservation. Receiving the honorary award, WTB team members are highly inspired to continue doing great work for wildlife conservation.

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